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Marietta Colston-Davis

I am a mother, a professional, inspirational leader and a believer in the impossible! Marietta Davis is a seasoned sales professional with an extensive career in the technology industry. She has held critical positions at IBM, Lotus Development, Ameritech, Tata Consulting and most recently the role of vice president of U.S. Dynamics at Microsoft Corporation.

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Davis was responsible for leading more than 400 sales, marketing and technical experts serving Microsoft’s business customers with Dynamics ERP and CRM Solutions. While at Microsoft, Davis successfully managed and grew multiple business at Microsoft to $1B and triple digit growth milestones. 

What are people saying about Marietta

I was fortunate to be selected by Marietta to be her finance business partner at Microsoft. She guided her team with clear expectations and taught us how critical it was to focus on the key (top 5) metrics of the business. She built a high performance team, which was highly successful in leveling up the technology stack of many large companies. Many on her team went on to be very successful leaders themselves at Microsoft and elsewhere.

In my case, Marietta’s example of leadership and her tough love instilled in me the confidence to find my own leadership voice & style at a formative time. As I’ve progressed, all the CEOs I’ve worked for have shared her similar approach. She would be a great addition to any executive team.

Ken Davis
Having worked closely with Marietta over the past year and half, I can say with confidence that she is a straight-shooter, team player, and valuable board member. She has assisted me with managing the sometimes challenging dynamics between the board and management during my tenure as CEO, which exemplifies her commitment to mentorship and coaching. Finally, Marietta is the kind of board member that doesn’t speak simply because she can, but instead chooses to contribute where and when she feels she can add real value to our company’s execution, revenue plan, and strategic direction. For these reasons and many others, I highly recommend Marietta.
Rick Carlson
I truly enjoyed supporting Marietta as a Relationship Marketing Manager in her capacity as General Manager of the Heartland District. I appreciated her leadership, her sales acumen, her ability to build relationships and the passion she had to help others succeed. She was an approachable leader that brought joy and passion to her team and was always curious to learn and experience more. I specifically supported her citizenship interests to give back to the community and leverage every opportunity to inspire young women and women of color to pursue STEM studies and achieve more.
Nicole Summitt

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